Money comes without obligation despite bad credit! Did you know?

Having a bad credit score can create a lot of trouble in terms of money-related matters. It creates an obstacle that stops you from reaching your future goals and acquiring a new financial product. However, things have positively changed due to the advancement in technology. Today, the modern-age lenders have emerged in the market who have made it possible for the bad credit scorer to get funding. The no guarantor loans for bad credit can help you remove the tag of poor credit and get back on your financial path. AOneCredit can be your reliable partner who can help you in the hour of the need.

Duo benefit – Revival from derailed payment history and attainment of funds

With flexible approach towards credit/payment histories, we give better experiences through the bad credit loans with no guarantor. This gives two benefits – one, you get rid of your old debts and grow financially. Second, you can come out of the bad credit situation through timely repayments. We let you borrow funds on personalised pricing to facilitate small instalments that are easy to pay on time.

Our aim is not only to provide you funds but also to bring overall financial well-being and for that credit score performance should be the first thing to improve. Being a disciple of next generation online lending our loans always serve to varied purposes. Borrowing funds can be your prime activity with us but the features of our financial services remove the flaws of your personal finances in totality. Our 'no fees' policy is another aspect that facilitates stress free procedure for every borrower.

Note: We also serve to you in case of very bad credit situation if your repayment capacity is strong. If you have a plan ready to pay off the debts or a part of them, it improves your chances of achieving funds.

I am concerned about the credit check; I do not want to have the search footprint

You do not want to have footprint? Fine, we won't let you have it. Search prints generated through credit score perusals can indeed have an adverse effect on your credit rating. If you have applied for multiple places, then it makes the impression that you are credit hungry and the chances of your rejection increases. At AOneCredit, we offer a perfect solution to this issue as our approval comes with a soft credit check.If we talk about the jargon of loan industry, no credit check is another term that is popular amongst the fund seekers. In the lending process, we don’t perform a hard credit check on the borrower to approve their request. Instead, we check other financial information that helps us to determine your credit worthiness. We consider various aspects such as:

  • Salary slips
  • Job stability proof
  • Address
  • Employment history

I am a bit worried about daily interest rates

There is no need to panic or stay in doubt when applying for the loan at us. The daily interest rates on our deals are capped to a maximum level of 0.8%. Usually, the actual interest rate that you get on your loan offer is less because of the personalised pricing. Also, the duration and the amount of the loan will also be the decisive factors of the interest that you will be offered. This is applicable in all types of loan statuses, i.e. loans in arrears and rollover loans. You can always stay confident about getting a fair treatment on this part as AOneCredit does what is says.

Who can apply for no guarantor bad credit loans?

We don’t think there is any need to put any constraint or rule on this aspect. Anyone to everyone can apply these loans. Neither there is any constraint on personal circumstances nor there is any restriction on how you earn.

Students (including care leavers) Employed
Single parents Underemployed
Physically challenged people Self-employed
Retired people Business persons

What special features I can expect to choose AOneCredit over other available options

This is something that you get to know only when you experience things on your own. However, to help you take a confident decision, we can tell you some very precise features of our loan deals.

  • No hidden costs and fees
  • Quick and simple application form
  • Instant approval decision
  • Speedy fund disbursement
  • No fear of credit check
  • No paperwork
  • Transparency through timely notification
  • People on benefits can also apply
  • No need to reveal your situation
  • 24x7 available
  • Available on bank holidays too
  • No extraneous interest charged due to bad credit
  • More relaxation in rates after customisation if bad credit situation is not consistent
  • Festive offers – like Christmas, new year etc.

Will I be at default if I miss to pay off on time or you have any rollover to offer?

Here, we understand that sometimes it can be difficult to make the payment. Hence, we give some space and leverage to our borrowers to find a way to pay the loan. Therefore, you will not be on the defaulter list even if you somehow miss to pay off the loan on time. Falling into the category of defaulter when you already have bad credit score can affect your financial stability. Here, your loan will be renewed for which you will be charged a nominal fee. The main purpose of our existence is to help you come out from the chaos.

Here, we have developed two payment categories for the rollover to reduce the chances of default.

TWO EXTENSIONS will be provided if the amount you have applied lies between £1000 - £3000.

ONE EXTENSION will be provided if the amount is between- £4000 - £10000.

Here, we will help as much as possible to regain control over finance. Now, this is what you can expect from a next-generation online lender. Your aim to apply for the loans is somewhere dedicated to escape from less-than-stellar credit score performance. There is no point of getting the financial assistance that put you into another pitiful situation. We ensure that you don’t fall into the trap of a threatening condition again.

At AOneCredit, we stay committed to the promises made to the borrowers. No guarantor loans can serve varied purposes especially when they are offered despite bad credit situation. We are here to support you on cloudy days when you are facing a financial mess in life. However, with the backing of no guarantor loans with bad credit, you can get rid of the financial stress. We ensure that no applicant is turned down and do find a solution that can help them to fix their money problem. Our team of experts is destined to serve every concern you express to us. The round-the-clock online chat service is always there help you understand the details of loan deals and get the advice of what can be suitable to you.

‘FOR YOU, WITH YOU’ is our ultimate goal and we are very determined to reach to our goals

Why Choose No Guarantor Loans on Same Day Payout

Apply Online and get cash as soon as into your pocket.

  • You don’t have to reveal you situation to anyone
  • Take your bad credit to good on your own
  • Instant solution to your small funding issues
Representative example
  • Amount of Borrowing

    £1,500 over 6 Months
  • A Variable Representative of

    96.5% APR
  • Monthly Repayment Amount


Borrowers must be UK residents and aged 18 or over. Credit limits and interest rates vary based on your individual circumstances.

Keep in mind: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems.
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